Plant and machinery
for the processing of

Understanding the problems

 needs and requirements of our Clients

Developping strategic alliances

to reach the targets.

Pointing to the Tops

But calmly and firmly.

We are supported by deep consciousness that with Seriousness and Professionalism is possible to assure the result to our Client.

We are not eager to sell always and at any condition : we are moved to guarantee a result to our Client, only.

GODIOLI & BELLANTI professionalism is unique, always ready to challenge new opportunities.
We work with our Client, for our Client.

Our support and assistance is continuous, even after the supply has been completed.
We firmly believe that the spirit of our success lies in our capability to invest in our Clients.
We have Clients so faithful since over 60 years : …… we think that it means something……



Tunnel dryers



Tobacco Processing Lines



Presses and of packaging lines