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10 May 2017
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10 May 2017

Medical herbs and plants

Processing lines for medicinal herbs and plants

Cultivation of medicinal herbs and plants
Mass-production of herbs and plants comes first from mechanization in cultivation and is an important phase for the preparation of the green product but just as important is our technical contribution with our processing plants.
Our design in this second step of preparation has been conceived to ensure that all the natural properties of the product are preserved and enhanced and that, at the same time all the useless and noxious parts are eliminated. 

Drying and Dehydrating. Drying or Dehydrating high quality freshly picked herbs and medicinal plants in a short time at low programmed temperatures is possible thanks to our new bulk barns with silica gel dryers or with our bulk barns with traditional drying systems. The barns have a capacity from 200 to 3000 kg. and are complete with stainless steel loading trays. Our PLC system memorizes up to 30 different drying cycles to bring the desired humidity to the product in a short time.

Cutting, threshing, classification. In the processing of a dried product, that is cutting, threshing, screen separation and airblow classification we offer custom designed units that can work separately or combined with other machines. With our integrated line it is possible to separate in continuous all those components of a medicinal herb or plant. We can separate heavy from light ( seeds from husks), long from short (leaves from stems), little from big ( teacut from teabagcut).
This allows the producer to collect in automatic the best of his production.

Mixing, blending. Our belt mixers complete the homogenizing process to accurately blend different products (herbal teas) or to uniform batches of the same product.
The integrated line allows to reduce considerably the volume of the product, preserving only the active compounds and eliminating all undesired parts such as dirt, sand, dust and stones.
On request, a metal detector can be installed to prevent metallic particles going into the product.
Plant completes with dust collectors in compliance with sanitary rules in force.