Machines and Complete Processing Lines for Hemp
5 August 2019

Processing Lines for Industrial Hemp

Aromatic Erbs Processing Line


The experience acquired in the field of officinal, medical and aromatic herbs has been adapted to the field of Industrial Hemp processing: our lines, having the ability to separate all the products of the plant with great accuracy (Fiber, Hemp, Seed, Flower, Leaves and Stems), find application in different markets (to name a few):

  • pharmaceutical (active ingredients such as: CBD, CDG)
  • textile (fiber for yarns, marine ropes, etc.)
  • food production (Oils and Flours from seeds and flowers)
  • veterinary (High nutritional content animal flours)
  • bio-building (production of hempcrete from hurd)

We design and manufacture top-notch customized processing lines, according to the kind of product to be processed: from the plant to the packaging of the finished product.

The use of technical and quality materials intended for the Food Industry is our essential prerogative, always guided by European laws and regulations on the construction of machinery (all our machines have the CE certification).

Furthermore, we are expert users of stainless steels on our solutions for the food industry.
We engineer and our solutions always under the minimum energy absorbtion, so we consider “GREEN” also our processing lines for hemp.

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