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3 December 2018
Processing Lines for Industrial Hemp
26 July 2021

Machines and Complete Processing Lines for Hemp


Our experience that we matured since very many years in the field of medical herbs and aromatic herbs, has been adapted by us to the field of processing Hemp plant, for pharmaceutical and also ecological purposes (Just one example, use of the stem of the plant for the realization of thermo-insulating material, biodegradable and /or recyclable, for the Green Building, for Architecture with renewable materials).

We are therefore able to design and manufacture complete lines for leaf processing, dust extraction, for separating individual parts.

According to the needs of our Customer, we can manufacture machines and processing lines for the separate processing only of the stem, or only of the leaf and flowers. Or processing lines for individual products combined.

We design and manufacture complete, or partial, processing lines, tailored to the final needs of our Customer, but always in compliance with the Legislation on Safety and Prevention in the Countries of destination.

And always using high quality materials for the food industry according to European legislation. Stainless steel excels in our machines!  Automation of operations using safe and efficient devices.

We provide solutions, we ensure qualified Technical Consultancy, we guarantee an after-sales Service.