Driers for biomass
10 May 2017
Dryers for wood chip and sawdust
10 May 2017

Food products

Continuous drying plants for food products

  • Model “APRON” with slats in Polipropilen or in Stainless Steel, perforated. Air-flow from Bottom to Top or from Top to Bottom, or combined. Type with single level of apron or multiple level of apron (overlapped): product turns anytime it passes from a level to the next one.
  • Drying Temperature is kept usually under 85° Celsius, in such a way to have a slow drying without cooking the product or without curling the product itself. Adjustable processing temperature.
  • Drying with partial recycle of processing air, in order to optimize thermal efficiency and to limit the quantity of processing air.
  • Processing air is heated by means steam coils or hot water coils. Steam or Hot Water could be produced by means appropriate Boilers or by using steam and hot water produced by means recovery of thermal energy coming from other generators or dissipators. Or by using Hot Air Generators fed by fossile combustible or biomass.
  • Model of DRIERS designed as per “Tailor Made”, customized, in order to limit the occupation of space (Vertical orientation or Horizontal orientation).
  • Partial construction or total construction in stainless steel, according to Rules for Food Industry. Machine that can be fully open for inspection and cleaning, complete with drainage system and dedicated pipings for washing purpose.
  • Toasting plant upon request of Customer.