A wide acknowledgement and large past experience acquired in many years and in many industry sectors, are today utilised to develop with modern technologies any project required by our Customers.

GODIOLI & BELLANTI was established 1923 by Godioli Gino and Bellanti Angelo. This first generation concentrated their efforts in agricultural implements with particular attention to tobacco mechanisation since the region of Umbria is one of the most important areas in Europe for the cultivation of Virginia Flue Cured Tobacco.

The founders passed away in the 60’s and the company was transformed, in 1963, into a S.p.A. (Società per Azioni – which is the equivalent to a “Limited”). This second generation was the starting point of GODIOLI & BELLANTI’s success.

They developed new technologies for the tobacco industry and not only: were they the first Tobacco Machine Manufacturer in Italy but also the first Company at service the Tobacco Multinationals that had opened branches in Italy and Europe. Their motto in those days was “turn-key”, meaning that everything from heating systems to lighting of the plant was included. Needless to say this approach enabled the Company to gain considerable expertise in machine design and lay-out.