Threshing Line

  • Specially designed plants to meet Customer´s requirements.
  • Our design is supported by figures and numbers verified “in the machine, while running”.
  • THRESHER : High efficiency, wide speed range. The housing has motorized opening (quick and easy access for basket replacement and for maintenance and for cleaning). In conformity with Safety Regulations.
  • NEW CLASSIFIER : High efficiency, very compact, low energy requirement.
    – Winnower with adjustable speed and angle launching, air separation distribution and speed regulation.
    – Apron conveyor for heavies collection.
    – Rotary air lock valve for heavies discharge.
    – Radial blade fans.
  • Long stem drop equipment : placed in 3rd stage.
  • Control board with P.L.C. unit with functional arrangement of run/stop sequences.
  • Dust exhausting plants.
  • Pneumatic conveying systems