A wide acknowledgement and large past experience acquired in many years and in many industry sectors, are today utilised to develop with modern technologies any project required by our Customers.


Now the third generation, leading and managing the Company, always supported by the solid experience acquired, is firmly committed and voted to face with world market. The entry of the fourth generation is giving  new energy to  the firm will to continue with renewed commitment and enthusiasm towards new goals. The new Board of Directors of GODIOLI & BELLANTI S.p.A. includes:


Mr. Cesare Curina is President of Board and Technical Director


Mr. Lorenzo Curina is C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) and Sale Director


Mr. Angelo Benedetti is C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) and Administrative Director


Mr. Francesco Benedetti is Member of the Council

Thanks to the successes in many different industry sectors, GODIOLI & BELLANTI S.p.A. will continue to develop and implement new technologies and innovative design.


GODIOLI & BELLANTI has a very flexible structure able to utilise internal human resources and specialised outsourcing. We continue to invest in qualified human resources, recruiting new engineers and technicians who will enable us to enrich our human heritage. The international sales network has several Agent/Representative in all those Countries where, for strategic reasons or commercial purpose, a constant presence is required.