Social Responsibility

GODIOLI & BELLANTI consider the Company’s Social Responsibility from the very begin of its activity as substantial part of its legal obligation : the respect of the Law requires the total adhesion to its inspiring principles.  Consequently the application of a such principle to the numerous activities and relations, that are peculiar of the life of an Enterprise, is inspired by the fact that a behaviour is right and correct before being even dutiful.
In the course of the years, this has become a natural way of life for the Company’s Managements firstly, and then as reflection, for all staff, employees, cooperators, assistants, as form of attention for all the Persons involved in the life of the Enterprise itself: Clients, Suppliers, Consultants, Institutions and also towards those who in different ways, are contribute to the life of the Region and the Social Activities of the area.
In this context, during its long history, GODIOLI & BELLANTI has maintained continuous and profitable relationships with Schools and Universities, by offering a generous availability for Educational and Professional  Stages, specialization Study and research opportunities for University Degrees and Specializations.
GODIOLI & BELLANTI has offered, through the local Social Organization, initiatives for the relocation of disadvantaged and handicapped  individuals and people with difficult background towards Sociality and Justice.
GODIOLI & BELLANTI actively participates to the main cultural events, but also to recreational and sport activities, even in small areas of Territory, and also to individual Charity and Volunteer activities.
It is contributing to the building of a Hospital in Central Africa and participates in the adoption of children in Latin America, taking care of their nourishment, education and personal development.
About the environment, GODIOLI & BELLANTI has installed in its factory, a photovoltaic plant and is completely self-sufficient for its energy requirements, and better still, it contributes power towards the national electric company.
GODIOLI & BELLANTI strongly believe that the quality of life is not only an economical matter.