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10 May 2017
Medical herbs and plants
10 May 2017

Tree seeds

Complete custom designed turn key plants for the extraction and selection of tree seeds.

Our Company was the first to innovate completely the tree seed extraction system. Originally the process was “mechanized”, in the sense that the coated seeds were left to fall from a tower at more levels; falling and refalling the scales would open up freeing the tree seeds. However with this method the percentage of germinable seeds was very low.
Our system is to use “gentle ways”, that is, we designed a continuous maturation tunnel. This constant feeding system of the coated seeds undergo special temperature and humidity treatments so that the opening of the scales is gentle and delicate allowing the seed to fall out without suffering any trauma. This process gives an output of over 95% of germinable seeds. With this maturation tunnel system the seed coatings open up in a few hours. Opening times varies according to the forest fruit seeds.

At the end of working operations we have both the seeds and seed scales coating.
Special units separate the seeds from the seeds coatings and other machines classify the seeds. On request we can also supply classifying units for the seed coatings according to their dimensions. Our tunnel is available in three versions: completely automatic, semi-automatic or with manual control.

This extraction line is ideal for those that have to solve reforestation problems with quality and rapidity. Simply advise us the quantity of seed coating to be treated so that we can submit to you our custom designed turn key plant offer.